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Partition help

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New Member
Nov 27, 2009
Windows 7 64bit
Core 2 Duo @ 2.13GHz

Okay, my HD holds 320 GB, yet I have 1 partition @ 242 GB and an unallocated partition of roughly 36 GB. The other space being used is 20GB of backup space, which I want to exist.

I can not resize my primary 242 GB to use the unallocated 36 GB. I'm confused as to why. The 20GB (backup) is marked as primary NTFS, like the 320, yet it can resize and use the 36 GB. For some reason the 242 can't.

I feel like the answer is simple yet I've been stumped on this for days.
Partitioning is not my expertise. I even downloaded Partition Wizard to help me but it couldn't do anything that windows partition manager couldn't do.

Please help me out here! I need that 36GB!


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