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Partitions, Partitions..

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Piano Man
Aug 21, 2001
Candia, NH
I plan to dual-boot my main rig with XP and Slackware10. I know both OS's run great on this system and all my hardware is detected, since I've used them most before.

Question is, how should I partition my drives? I can only put 2 hard drives in, they're a 120 and a 40. I'd like to be able to share data between the two OS's, but I know that NTFS writing support in linux sucks, and FAT32 isn't exactly my favorite filesystem.

I generally like to have a small-but-usable C drive with windows and some really important apps, and a big D drive for everything else, including most data. In linux, I tend to have a big / partition and about a gig or so of swap. How should I do this and with what filesystems? :bang head


Senior Member
Jul 28, 2002
Boise Idaho
It depends if you want both OSes on the primary drive the secondary to store everything else. If you do want the base OSes on the primary master I'd do this, assuming the 120 would be the primary master.
hda1=10GB-for windows and core apps
hda2=1GB-windows dedicated swap partition
hda3=couple hunder MB for linux /boot
hda4=remaining space as extended partition
hda5=39GB-for all other windows applications
hda6=1GB linux swap
hda7=~58GB for your linux / partition
What you do with the 40 is up to you. If you prefer something simpler

hda1=10GB for windows and core apps
hda2=50GB for other windows apps
hda3=1GB for linux swap partition
hda4=59GB for linux /partition
again what you do with the 40 is up to you. IF you don't use more than 4 partitions make them all primary partitions.


Piano Man
Aug 21, 2001
Candia, NH
Thanks for the suggestions!

Here's what I'm gonna do:

HDA=120gig, HDB=40gig.

hda1= 10 gig windows and core apps, NTFS
hda2= 40 gig linux / partition, ext3
hda3= 70 gig FAT32 space to share between the two
hdb1= 1 gig windows swap
hdb2= 1 gig linux swap
hdb3= 38 gig for other windows apps, FAT32

This way in windows, I'll have a decent C drive with antivirus and apps that won't run under wine, a big D drive for data storage between the two OS's and my music. An E drive for dedicated swap on a different physical disk to improve performance (if windows even bothers to letter dedicated swap drives, i don't know yet), and an F for installing random apps and games, accessible through linux and wine if I feel like it.

In linux, I'll have a big /, hda3 mounted at /mnt/sharedrive or something like that, for data storage still. A gig of dedicated swap on another disk to improve performance. And hdb3 mounted at /mnt/winapps or something so i can access that.

This should work great! Thanks for the inspiration kaltag!