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Passive Air Cooling..

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Little Erve

New Member
Jun 23, 2001
Hello all,

I'm just curious if anyone has an old system with no fans at all. You see I've got this little linux router of mine which has a p90 (actually a p100 running at 90Mhz) and it has a big electronics heatsink on it and no fan, however my PSU has a 40mm fan and the case has a 60mm fan.. And i'd just like the peace of mind knowing that it would still run ok if the fans failed...

So like I said anyone got a COMPLETELY passively cooled computer???

Well, I have a 486 kicking around here someplace that doesn't even have a heatsink! Course, it was a whole 25Mhz, so I really don't know if you're good or not.
If your case fan took a dump.. it'll live. If your PSU fan did the same... It'll probably live too. It just wouldn't generate enough heat to cause a serious problem should the fans fail, IMHO. I could be wrong on that.. don't hold me to it. I've got an old P233 around... no fans except the PSU, and it's pretty faint (airflow & noise). The CPU has a heatsink on it, but it's pretty thin.
I have an old Packard Bell 486DX2 66. It has a passive HSF about the size of a greenie. It does get pretty hot some times.(I think its super glued on because there are no cips and I can't seem to get it off) Only 1 PSU fan that doesn't do anything but the PSU only powers components. Too far away form anything to provide any cooling and about 4 holes for air flow in the PSU.
dudes, yeah so long ago my friend had a p75 machine and the CPU fan died and he didnt notice until i pointed out his machince was uber quiet, but it actually ran ok, i also had like others, a Dx-2 50 with no cpu cooling, and ive even seen P2-233's (mitsubishi-apricot) with no fan on the processor only the psu fan to such air thru the system
Thanks all for replying.. I actually ran SETI on it for 12hrs and the air coming out of the box hardly got warm. I'm going to stick a temp probe in there and check again.

Once again thanks all.

oh and P.S. i would if i could afford it...