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Passive water cooling? Anyone?

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Jul 25, 2001
Rovaniemi, Finland
Ive been thinking about passive water cooling... Now has anyone tried it? Im thinking about two water tanks connected with two lines, other going through the CPU block. Is there any combination of line sizes and block sizes that would make the system run with the mere "warm water rises up" effect? One of the tanks would have to have water level higher than the CPU. How about a combo system with passive water cooling and a silent fan? Has anyone tried this sort of stuff?

Other thing; I have my CPU running at 70C under load with the Titan Majesty M5 (I recall it to be) cooler. Its ORB design. At first the cooler wasnt sittin straight on the CPU as it got up to 90C until I powered down. After some bending I got the latch to hold the cooler straight (I think)... Still, I'd like to improve (alot) from that 70C... And I used the included silicone paste instead of the "sticker" it had on its bottom.

I was thinking of passive water cooling myself.

My idea was basiclly a waterblock w/ a hsf on it. I don't know of anyone trying it, but hey, that doesn't me its a good cooling soultion (or does it)
I think it would take a lot of water to keep it cool. You also need a way to cool the water so an aluminum finned reservoir would be great. The key is keeping the water cool or you have a pot of boiling water in your case. By the way welcome to the forums. I hope you find us to your liking.
Well thanks for the welcoming Bender. Casemodd'n, cooling sollutions and OC certainly is to my liking.

Ive been thinking of the lines. Would they need to be thin or fat? Thin lines have less water and heat up faster resulting in faster flow. Fat lines heat up more slow and would have slower flow with larger amount, does it even matter? Too bad nobody has tried this out. If there would be enough water flow, this could equal to having a heatsink as large as the used radiator. Just how large would the radiator have to be to dissipate ... say 50w without active cooling?

My most radical idea (only for the hardcorest of the hardcorest overclocker) is to take water input from the house tab and lead it into the house water heater after going through the system... The water coming from the underground lines always seems to be rather cool. And its pressurised so you could adjust cooling with a normal valve (amount of flow).

Any ideas for my 70C hothead? Other than buying a new sink/fan. Ive read that some MB with the ali Magik chipset was running chip way hotter than other, but this shouldnt be with Via KT133A? The MB ambient temp looks right so I presume that the CPU sensor is right also (does not have the infamous 10 degree "adjustment"). BTW it got even up to 73C after hours of Max Payne. This game rocks! Its got just the new fresh gameplay idea (bulet time = slowmotion cinematic style dodges etc.) to get me going. And its made by my fellow country men (Finnish).

oh enough of the rant...
Thanks for the benchtest article. Interesting reading. thought Id like to see more experimentation. As this test proved, the radiator seemed to cool the water effectively. More temperatures from different parts of the readiator would help seein the whole picture. Was the flow too small so that the water would cool down in the lines? Howbout the block? How straight was the water path in it?

Ideally the niples should be on opposite sides of the block to have the water flow with minimal resistance. Also Id drop the reservoir and just line the block between the radiator ends. Also Id design a radiator without any bends in it, more like two sided sinks, other side in water and other in air.

Well obviously I should build this myself, it is my idea... My next payday isnt until next 15th, so in the meanwhile I think I'll do some background research...

Ive also being thinking how the bong design could be used with this. Without the pump to push the water up, there wouldnt be any way to build anykind of shover. So only way possible would be to use bubbles. Which again needs somesort of compressor...

Also different liquids could be considered also. First to come into my mind would be the paint thinner (dont know if it really translates like that) which vaporises in room temperature. Could it produce more flow?

I welcome all knowledge from these subjects.