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password protecting a file?

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Jul 21, 2002

is it possible to password prtect a file i have in my documents?

I dont want to set up multiple users i just want it so that if someone tries to open it its asks for a password. Is it possible?

Thanks Jonny

Also, i have just flashed my bios and now the screen wont turn on - does this mean i have blown my motherboard?

thanks again
yes, like when you're sharing files? When someone wants to open a folder it prompts them for a password, etc? If you right click on the folder and go to sharing, there is a password folder option.... set your password, hit apply and you're all set :D

about your BIOS, it doesn't necessarily mean you blown your mobo. It could very well be that you did a bad flash. I hope you accounted for this and have the original bios flash handy. Try flashing it back to the old BIOS and see what happens.
how can i flash back? I cant see anything, the monitor wont turn on!?

im running xp and there doesnt seem to be ny kind of password tab, just permissions etc. I have denied access to vereyone but the admin (me) but this has had no affect considering there are no other user accounts set up so it is always the administrator that is signed in.

any other ideas?
u could always put it in a password protected zip or rar... little more hassle but works... or you could do the old trick of hiding stuff in the null directory.. which is considerably more hassle
Before you flashed there must have been a few times where it said that you should back up your things before flashing and that there is a high risk and could cause damage to your mobo or something. Where did you get the flash from? Go to your mobo's company's website and look for the flash for the original BIOS and try to flash it back. Make sure you read and follow the directions carefully.
i checked for the closest match and also got some help form here so i think it was the right bios version to flash it with. I have got a backup but idont see how i can install that if my monitor isnt working!?
In Windows XP Pro this is done with NTFS permissions. The password protection of a folder or file is provided by the file attributes and user rights set on specific objects.

You can however set up a compressed folder with password protection (by either right clicking on the desktop and selecting New | Compressed Folder, or My Computer | File menu | New | Compressed Folder). You can then open the compressed folder that you want to password protect. On the File menu, click Add a Password. In the Password box, type the password that you want to use. Type the same password in the Confirm Password box, and then click OK.

There's a program called Folder Guard which I believe you can use to actually password protect a folder in XP. You can find it here...


If you'd like to learn more about file/folder permissions in XP Home/Pro, I've included a link to a MSKB article which describes permissions in detail...

HOW TO: Set, View, Change, or Remove File and Folder Permissions in Windows XP

The two reference links at the bottom of the page are also very helpful regarding permissions and password-protection. ;)