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Patriot Blast 240gb Firmware Issue Solved

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Jul 26, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
wow did i just have to spend a long time trying to fix my bricked SSD.

-drive was working completed fine since i bought the PC in the summer
-came home from work at 5:30pm, turned on PC, loaded windows 10, opened up AMD settings, computer frozen.
-go and restart PC, same thing happens again, frozen
-go and restart PC again, doesn't load windows
-at this point i had no idea what was wrong, i just dealt with a faulty on arrival GPU rx480 nitro+ yesterday, had to drive back to NCIX to get a replacement... coincidence that two parts broke down one after another, was thinking crap PSU or mobo issues maybe had no idea whatsoever
-restart a few more times to see if it will load, nothing happens, computer just posts and then attempts to load windows but all i was getting was "please wait" screen
-read online that sometimes there is a firmware/controller issue (not on this SSD particularly but others)... fix was to disconnect SATA but leave power in, go to bios screen and wait for some period of time, did that, restarted PC
-go into bios, checked that SSD indeed being identified as an item that is capable of being booted (for the boot priority), however it is listed as Patriot SSD windows boot sector
-swap the cables/SATA ports, no changes
-try to use windows 10 disc to attempt recovery, no go
-read up online some more, couldn't find anyone else with a similar issue, basically gave up, at this point fairly confident it was SSD that was the issue
-come up with new idea, load windows 10 into my HDD to attempt to format SSD and start over
-takes forever, but eventually windows 10 loaded into my old C drive for my HDD
-click SSD drive, computer hangs, nothing happens for 20 minutes
-eventually able to use right click format over the drive in windows explorer, hangs for another 20 minutes but format does complete
-disconnect HDD and boat back into bios, ssd now listed as Patriot SSD (without additional identification as the windows boot sector)
-attempt to re-install windows, hangs for a long time, eventually loads into the language select, get to 41% and freezes
-attempt to re-do again, but then bricked again, cannot access the drive again
-reconnect HDD load back into windows 10 to attempt reformat again... noticed that i was in UEFI mode... thought i'd give it a try in legacy
-read up online some more, noticed Patriot released a statement about the blast drivers having a critical firmware failure
-downloaded the firmware installer and prayed that it would write into the SSD, even though it basically seemed damaged/inaccessible
-finally restarted again, loaded back disc and installed windows 10
-...it is now 11:30pm and now i have to redownload everything along with overwatch and civ6

moral of the story: use those updated firmware people :bang head


May 30, 2004
Not sure if mine's an older one or not, but I did purchase it at a local computer shop this year! ;) I have a Patriot Pyro 240 GB and it's the fastest one I had!