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Senior Member
Sep 13, 2001
Valparaiso, Indiana
By bank card you mean a debit or check card right?If so if its like a visa or mastercard bank card you can use it the same way you would with a credit card when you sign up,it should say visa or whatever kind it is on the bank card and have the number and experation date on it.


Mar 6, 2002
Monroe, Georgia
Keep in mind that PayPal takes a percentage of your payment. It is not very much, but the larger the amount, the more money they charge. You might want to incorporate the cost of the charge into the price of the item you are selling. I use Paypal, it works great.


bargain hunter
Aug 30, 2001
Irvine, CA
Colin said:
You might want to read this first. This thread "White collar crime pays... - PayPal sucks..." is a must read too.

very interesting articles... but i've never had any problems with paypal even with the large transaction amounts my company does.. but maybe we've just been getting lucky. :D

But it says on the paypal website ur funds are insured by the FDIC here and they are still are recognized by the BBB see :burn:


Dec 13, 2001
Well......I knew I didn't create an account with them for a reason...actually, a few friends who had some "problems" getting their money had told me not to use it...so I don't.

The one piece of info I can offer is this;

everyone here in the forums has at one time or another refered to "resellerratings.com" as the place to check before buying from an online vendor. Well people might want to check out the rating of "PAYPAL" on it, it's not a good score at all, and after reading up on alot of info I have come across, I wouldn't recommend anyone using their service. They Advertise at the bottom of their website that they are indeed FDIC insured......whereas, they themselves are NOT FDIC insured, but the acct's they put the money into are by the BANK THEY choose.....those acct's are theirs, not yours, even if it's your money...so they would receive the payout if in fact something were to happen with the money they deposit on "your behalf"...leaving you with no way to receive what's rightfully yours..for them to advertise themselves as FDIC insured is false advertisement, they are not a bank, therefore they CAN'T be FDIC insured. The lawsuits are indeed pilling up, I wouldn't want a "business" like that handling my money.....

Mike K

Nov 22, 2001
Chicago, Illinois
I use PayPal only because I sold some of my old parts on eBay. I never got more than $35 at a time and as soon as I was paid I withdrawed it into my account to prevent that from happening. I haven't had a problem with them yet and hopefully never will. I would like to see another method to use. I don't like that they say they can take your money and you can't do anything if we do.