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PC 133 or PC150

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Apr 3, 2001

I am get a Abit KT7A-Raid m/b in about a week. I am wondering which ram to get. I was just going to get PC133, but then i was looking at pricewatch and seeing these other flavors. Is it worth paying a little extra for the PC150 and if so what are the benifits of it? Is it more overclockable? Is it better for gaming? This leads me to another question. I was just going to buy generic 512 PC133 for about 108.00 on pricewatch. Should i stick to namebrand like Muskin or Crucial? I just want the best performance for play games like Tribes 2.

My System in about a week:

1.33 ThunderBird 266fsb w/ThermoEngine w/Delta fan
what ever ram you guys think
20gig Maxtor 7200rpm
Prophet Geforce 2 GTS 64meg(already have from old sysytem)
SB live X-Gamer 5.1

Thanks for your wisdom

Go with a name brand RAM....don't buy generic. Good PC133 will get you as far as you'll need to go with overclocking. Mushkin, Crucial and Corsair are all good brands. Also, 512MB is overkill. 256MB should serve you well.
There is no such thing as pc-150 or 160,166,170. Its all pc-133 that has been tested to run at those speeds.Just get some Name Brand pc-133 cas-2 and you will be fine. I use Corsair
Personally, I use Micron Infineon, which works great. I have 256 megs of it. As for getting 512 megs of ram in your system, I wouldn't bother. The performance gains after you hit the 384 meg mark aren't all that great. I'd say about 256 would be good for what you're gunna be doing w/ it. And if you ever wanna upgrade, you can always add a stick later.