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PC Case hot to trot "and" Normal Temps for O/C?

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Mar 28, 2001
I have one of those cases that likes to seal the hot air in and makes hell look like Russia in winter.

My case temperature after normal use goes up to about 49-55 degrees, while my O/C Intel 700E CPU hovers around 48-52C degrees.

When I take the case cover off, my CPU drops to a consistent 39C degrees. My case temp though remains anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees.

My first question is, what's acceptable temp levels for an overclocked Intel Coppermine? I got mine at 700@1010MHz with a 144MHz FSB.

Second question, can a case fan bring down my case temperature 5 degrees or more? Funny thing is, I have a generic case fan already, but when i turn it on, my temp levels actually go UP! WTH???? I tried moving around the case fan so it's not blowing any hot air on to the peripherals, but temperatures still go up. Oy....

Would a new case fan, like the Sunon fan be any better? I was thinking using a bay cooler like the JustCooler Bay Cooler, which would provide a vent for releasing all the damned hot air. Anyone use these and how effective was it?

Thanks for the help. I love my O/C computer, even though my internal modem ******* and moans about the whacky FSB speed :)
Sounds like you don't have any exhaust sucking out the hot air. If you have a spot in the back of your case to put a fan, do so. Also, if you can stack your prephial cards putting the biggest ones on the bottom. Sometimes that doesn't do any good though if you have a big vid card like mine. Also, you might want to take a look of the front page of this site, there are a lot of good articles on case cooling.
I have twin 120mm(front to back0 sucking in on the front bottom, 1 120mm sucking in on the side aimed at my clock, 1 92mm in the back blowing out the hot and my PSU fan blowing out the hot. I plan to add a blowhole on top soon. My mobo temp stayes around 25 to 28 and my CPU is around 34 to 43 depending on the load.