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PC-Chips MOBO M807

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New Member
Dec 27, 2000
Does anyone know how to overclock on this MOBO. I am running a Duron 700. The CPU came unlocked. I have adjusted the FSB to112 (the maximum the bios would allow) It is running at 7x 112 for a total oc of 784. Temp stays between 36 to 39.9 c. My Cvolt is now at 1.51. I know I need to up this. I will have to use the golden bridge trick on the L7 on the chip. Before I dod this I ant to know if I can and how do I change the multiplyer on this mobo.
I have the PC-Chips MOBO M805LM, the baby sister of the M807.
In the manual, you can see the menu for "plug&play cpu" showing all itens to modify, like voltages and multiplayers, but when u enters the bios, u only see the "dimm clock auto something" and the fsb settings (yes, only to 112mhz). I looked at mobo jumpers, and it have several un-documented. Since it have one jumper to prevent to write the bios, it could have one to enable that settings. So look for a jumper to disable this "auto configuration", or for an Abit or Asus mobo...
The manual looked to me like you could turn off auto CPU then acces these other settings multiplier voltage etc. Does this not work?
Forget about multiplayer and voltage changes in this mobo. Oh, and it shows wrong temps readings! You must add +- 10C to the temp reading to be close to the real temp.
This isn't a overclockable mobo. Go to the Abit or Asus...