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PC freezes while playing Direct 3D games after ~10 minutes or so.........

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Mar 12, 2001
I tried everything Reinstalled windows, changed drivers for video card, reinstalled games, installed Direct x 8, nothing works !!! I also installed cacheman (good program)......

I had before Direct X 8b..... After that my PC started to Freeze up after few minutes of use.. I have 3 partitions C,D,E .... The windows 98se is on C ... I formated the C drive and reinstalled everything. I also have 512 mb PC2100 ram..... Can this be the RAM ??? OR should I format all partitions and Reinstall everything to make sure No corrupted files are left.....

Also I have 3dmax R4..... I don't know where it stores its info, but even when I format C: drive, and than Reinstall 3dmax during the Authorization It KNOWS that 3Dmax was previously installed .. How does it know ??? I thought when you format Windows the Registry is formated as well and all info is lost..... Does anyone have any idea where 3dmax stores this info ?? Maybe Direct X 8b put some corrupted files that I did not delete even when I formatted the C drive and that is causing those problems..................................
i'm not sure i can be of much help but since no one else has replied here goes. Just a few i deas

I do not think its your ram but you can try and swap it out with another stick if you can get one to try and eliminate the possability of ram but i think its a long shot to blame ram.

My PC will freeze if if VC is to low so I would make sure everything in BIOS is set properly. www.rojakpot.com has a nice article on the best BIOS settings I thought i knew most of them but after reading this i learned quite allot I know intel cpu's do not like sideband enabled i disabled mine and I was able to get it more stable and i did not notuce a difference in game play.

hope this helps
thanks for input....... I will try to optimize my bios....... Also what are good settings for Direct 3D ???

Those are my Direct 3D settings for my G2Ultra ...........

Adjust Z-buffer depth to rendering depth if unequal ( CHECKED)
Enable alternate depth buffering technique(CHECKED)
Mipmap detail level : BEST IMAGE QUALITY
USE up to ( 250 ) MB of system memorty for textures in PCI mode

Anyone sees any problems here ?????

My PC only Freezes when I play Direct 3D games .............
I've never had any trouble with DirectX8, but I've heard from several others that they have. It might be worth uninstalling and using an earlier version to see if that helps.

You are correct to assume that when you reformat a harddrive, all files are wiped off the drive, including the DirectX files. I don't have an answer for the 3Dmax. Heck, I don't even know what that is?

As for Direct 3D setting, maybe try setting Mipmap detail level to "blend" and if you have an AGP vid card, set the system memory for textures in PCI mode to the minimum amount.
I had Direct X 8.1 . They were beta........ After I installed them my PC would freeze after few minutes of use........