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PC giving me various problems lately

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Jun 27, 2014
Build is in my signature.

So a couple weeks ago I got a new chassis for my rig (the old NZXT was too narrow to fit a new GPU). I managed it, but I wasn't sure if I'd scratched the motherboard or not. Thought maybe I'd dragged in on the standoffs a tiny bit. So I switch it on and everything works fine. About a week later, I get a BSOD and it gives me the "gathering information for report" or whatever it says, but it's stuck on 0% forever. So I force shutdown and try to restart it. Comes on for a second, instantly goes off, then starts itself up again, repeat endlessly. So I unplug it and narrow it down to the RAM. I've got four sticks, I removed the two secondary sticks and was able to turn it back on again. I don't know for sure what happened.

Worse than that, I had trouble with my drives being detected. If I fiddled with something and started it up again, sometimes it wouldn't detect my SSD (or either of my drives). I tried switching their SATA cables, switching out the power cables, etc; and eventually fiddling gets it working again. Had to go through an automatic disk repair once which worked fine. Then I go in to clean things up and fiddle a bit more a few days later and the same thing happens. Am I dealing with flimsy SATA cables? A dead power cable? Do I have to use a little more force than I recall when putting the SATA cables in? Could something be wrong with my motherboard?

I've pretty much been in a constant state of panic for the past two weeks (both my English and my grammar are impaired by this), so any idea would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 14, 2011
might start with swapping out the sata cables if you have extras, just stop, unplug everything plug everything back in, all the ram, hdd's, power connectors, gpu, everything.

if its winter where you live do you build up a bunch of static? i know i do i get shocked 24/7 when touching anything metal or electric, hell even the screws on the light switches get me lol. could have been a bit of esd while moving around components. its not a super common issue but it can happen.


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Dec 27, 2008
Since you expressed concern about scratching the bottom of the motherboard during installation, I would remove the board and check the underside for physical damage to the circuit traces. I can tell you from personal experience that this can happen. On the topside the slip of a screwdriver can damage traces. While you are at it, look for scorched areas or loose solder points on the underside and misplaced standoffs in the motherboard tray.

While the board is out of the chassis, you should consider putting the system together on a table top to eliminate the possibility of an electrical ground out against the case (chassis). We call building it outside the chassis "bread boarding."

I would also remove the CPU and check for bent socket pins.

Your English, at least in writing, is great. I would have not known it is not your native language had you not mentioned that.
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