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PC Power & Cooling 510W ATX-Deluxe Is it worth it

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Nov 1, 2003
Bronx New York
I currentlu have a Antec 480W true power, and it doesnt seem to be cutting it since I added 2 WD raptors, I had to taek out Old HDDs the 1st boot to even bot up now everything is fine and will boot up with all 4 drives
I even smeeled a burning smell when I first did it.

So I am looking at the PC Power & Cooling 510W ATX-Deluxe PSU to give me a little more performance since I am looking to add a X800Xt in a few weeks and dont think the 480 w will handle it.

Electron Chaser

Senior Delta Fanatic
May 6, 2004
I live by a Delta
Section8 said:
It is the best PSU you can buy hands down.

I second that.

The fortron is hands down an excellent buy for the money but it cannot hold the voltages as well as a PCP&C can.

Fortron +/- 5%
PCP&C +/- 1%

That is a huge difference in voltage fluctuations.


Jun 13, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
tylerhskate said:
Not everyone can drop 200 bucks on a psu :D

The thread said nothing about price he just wanted to know if it is a good PSU. We told him the truth that it is the best PSU on the market. Thread closed. LOL