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PC power supplies in an old mac

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Jun 2, 2001
Hi all, I still use an old Mac Quadra 650 for some stuff. Well, the power supply decided to quit. Don't want to buy a new one, so I'm thinking can I use a AT/X as a replacement? It kinda looks similar, squarish and about the same size. The pinout for the 10-pin connector says 3x +5v, 4x gnd, 1x no connection, 1x +12v, 1x -12v.
Apple specs say the machine takes 230w and draws a max of 1.9A???
I have a spare 250w atx kicking around, so... is this going to work?

Thanks for the help!
If it has a 10 pin connector for the Mac I don't think it will work. You might be able to get pinouts and make a connector that would work, but I would be afraid of it and it could be difficult to match up the wires.
I doubt it for the same reasons ^. You would also need to turn on the ATX PSU, so I'd recommend using an AT model if you were going to try. I doubt it needs a 3.3v output at all but as long as the + and - 5 and 12 volt lines are strong enough then it's feasible...just not practical I don't think.