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PC restarts irregularly

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Feb 6, 2002
I have bought a P4T-E and a 1.6GHz Northwood. here is my prob:

At the beginning I had no problems with stability. But when I oc it to 2.3GHz(144*16), it restarted while I was playing a game, so I thought ok I oc it too high.
But today I put the CPU back to 1.6Ghz and it restarted again while I was playing Empire Earth. The first time I played Unreal Tournament. :rolleyes:

Does anybody have the same kind of behaviour with his PC or can give a hint/suggestion? :eh?:



ASUS P4T-E ver1005
2x128RIMM Samsung PC800
P4 1.6A, FSB@100MHz
SB Audigy
Windows XP Pro
Seagate Barracuda IV 60GB 7200rpm
Fortron Source 300W PFC
Plextor 24/10/40 CD-RW
It could be very possible that when you overclocked your computer and it messed up that you could have corrupted a file in the process. This has happened to me a couple times. The only fix I have found for this was to format and reinstall. But make sure that its not a hardware issure first. At this point it could be a number of things. I just went with the first one that *popped* into my head.
Good luck.
check your CPU temperatures, you may have not put the heatsink on the processor correctly
OC'd PCs that are OC'd to high tend to lock up.

Computers that dont get enought power tend to randomly reboot.
Could this problem be related to not enough power?
how are your voltage levels? are they low? Steady? When you computer comes under heavy load do they have a big drop?

Try removing a stick of RAM, and your Burner... Maby even your sound. anything that you dont need....
Give that a try....

Also you didnt mention what Video card you have.
Some are VERY power hungry.
windows is probably crashing. you gotta turn off auto restart.
do this:
right click on my computer > click properties > click advanced > click Startup and Recovery > take the check out of Automatically restart.

now try and play a game again and see if it still does it without giving a BSOD first.
some answers to some questions:

I have a ASUS V8200 Ti200 GeForce3
[email protected] default voltage, I thought if I can run benchmarks and can boot properly I wouldn't have to rise the voltage, may be I was wrong.

My temps are ok, with the stock intel heatsink I had 45 C at max.

Yesterday I installed my new Swiftech MCX478, now I should have no temp probs, the installation was very tricky...

may be I do a CPU-Burn thing of Sandra and see if it reboots again, although I got reboots only when I played games. I run 3Dmark 2001 also several times and different oc levels and I ad no reboots. if it happens again I will raise the voltage to 1.6, may be that will help...

thx you all for your postings...
it sound like either a direct 3d problem and/or video drivers issue.
did you try what i said and try playing another game? do it and see if you get a blue screen before u restart
in the meanwhile I installed my new Swiftech MCX478 and put up the Voltage to 1.55V. I had no problems until yesterday, while I played Empire Earth it locked up again. This shows me that it is Game independent.

@ Big Red: Yes, I turned off the automatic restart, I had a blue screen at Empire Earth. May be you are right with D3D problem, but how I can get rid of it?