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PC150 setting

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Feb 17, 2001
why can't mobo manufactures make a board that allows 150FSB setting while keeping the AGP and PCI in spec?
If you can make a 6.5 multiplier why can you make a 4.5 divider for the PCI bus.
I can change AMD cpu mult to keep it at a speed that is stable.
It seems like it would make life a lot easier.

thank you for your time and have a good day
New chipset please

so what!
DDR requires a new chipset, rambus requires a new chipset. PC 150, PC166 should have a new chipset then.
I can't see adding a divider being a huge undertaking.
You won't see a chipset tailored specifically to accomodate PC150 and PC166 FSB speeds when the manufacturers won't even acknowledge or warranty their 133 FSB rated boards doing any faster than 133. They, genreally, look at liability first and technical excellence somewhere further down the priority list. Keep in mind, and I've said this before, for every mobo, CPU, stick of ram, etc., that they sell to an OC'er, they sell a thousand to people who would never dream of even taking off the cover of their PC, let alone monkey with the settings. Where do you think the manufacturers profit margin comes from and with it, their dedication? Think about the cruel realities of running a "for-profit" manufacturing company in a highly competitive global market. You can sell the concept of a faster CPU to the unwashed masses, but start down the path of higher FSB, DDR, CAS, Latency, AGP speeds, etc and you just lost them. If you can't sell more PCs by promoting a concept, you won't put money into the concept. Nobody said it was pretty, down there in the Sales trenches.