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PC3200 acting like PC2700 ??

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May 9, 2001
I have benchmarked my memory in Sisoft Sandra and the results show my Memory almost the same as PC2700 speed. I wonder why?


Jul 21, 2002
N.E Scotland
my pc3200 does not get the same results as other 3200 ram in sandra.

I think, but am not 100%, that it is because the benchmark results show the ram running at their full speeds ie 3200 = 400DDR and you are only running yours at 280DDR which is closer to pc2700 speeds.


Aug 20, 2002
Yup, you'd have to have your fsb at 200 to get the memory to run at PC3200 speeds and get PC3200 scores. The PC2700 would be like having your fsb at 166 (or maybe 175 if you wanted to keep your pci bus at 35), even though yours is only 140 (according to your sig). I think your board can do 166MHz though, because it should have the 5th divider, though you'd probably have to unlock your chip. And there might be a memory divider in the bios, either a 133=133+33 (something like that because I don't remember exactly what it is) divider that can run your fsb at 140 and the memory at 173 (might not be exactly 173 and it's not 200 but closer) or a 3:4 divider that will have your memory at 186 if the fsb is 140.