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pcchips M810LR

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New Member
Feb 28, 2001
Hey.. im still somewhat new to this overclocking thing.. does anyone know if its possible to over clock a duron 800mhz on a pcchips M810LR mobo?
Quite honestly, and a lot of people say this sort of thing in an off-the-cuff sort of way but I'm perfectly serious, you're lucky if a PCChips motherboard runs AT ALL, let alone overclocked. They're the most infamous motherboard manufacturer of all time, foisting fake cache chips on the public, using illegal Award BIOS, and of course camouflaging their operations by selling boards under a dozen different company names. PCChips is the Yugo of motherboards -- no, worse than that, Yugo actually TRIED to make good cars.
i was new at this once too and when i started learning about things the first thing i learned was that my computer was a piece of crap because of the pcchips mr756mrt motherboard that it came with.if you can get a new motherboard i highly recommend it and i think it would give you the nessesary experience you would need by reserching and assembling a nice inexpensive clockable computer.use what you have minus the board of coarse and you would be surprised at what it would cost to have something decent