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pci ata/100 problem

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Jun 27, 2002
the primary hard drive in the second ide slot of my pci ata/100 card isnt showing up. i have 5 hard drives, but the bios when booting/windows only shows 4 hard drives.

i replaced the ide/power cable as well :/

can anyone help?!?
Can you provide a little more info like type of motherboard and hard drive connections. My first guess would be that there is only support for 2 drives per ide channel thus a maximum of 4 drives.
Uhhh i have a pci controller card. so i can have a max of 8 hard drives on my rig. right now one hd is connected to ide 1 on the mobo, cdrom is on ide 2. then on the pci controller card two hard drives are on ide1 and two are one ide2.

i have a abit nf7-s mobo.

could this be because of the raid problem.... im niot even using raid.
Do you have adequate power? 5 drives, cdrom, vid, pci ata controller, mem, cpu, fans, etc?

thats quite a bit hardware to power. I would make sure the psu is up to the task.
:-/ Doh, missed that whole pci card thing.

I am unfamiliar with the PCI controllers and how they are configured so I can't make an educated guess there. I didn't think the Abit board had onboard Raid? If I missed something and it does, I don't think it would be an issue if it was disabled.

Another silly question, but did you check the jumpers on the drive to make sure they're set correctly? You also might want to pm a mod and move this to the storage section since the real HD pro's will be more apt to see it there. :)
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