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pci divider

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Mar 5, 2001
asus 133-7v newone
no divider in bios
fsb is 133 on a duron I bought 6months ago :) 600@ 7x133 933mhz 43 deg-cel air

sisoft sandra says pci is 44 mhz?
Is this right? or is the program wrong?
anyone else know a program for checking pci and agp bus speed?
To my knowledge the via boards support a 1/4 divider. Don't know when it kicks in though (would guess around 120).

Sandra has a lot of quirks, and not being able to correctly detect the PCI busspeed on via boards is one.

sandra does not understand the via kt133a chipset as of present bra. ur dividers are correct, the pci kicks in at 120mhz fsb. have fun my OC brother.

good luck,
yeah how do ya like that. 600 duron bought in oct doing 133fsb

Had it doing 9 times 100 on a regular a7v but was changing out heat sink and stabed the mb with a screwdriver :) Got a new a7v133 and a copy of 2000pro. Just went for it to dont like soft bios so I always use jumpers. stuck it at 133 times 7 full voltage change bios to boot from cd and installed win 2000. Got it up and runnig and all things installed. Lowered volts to 1.7 and have not had one problem.

60 dollar chip benches better than well you know
also when running with a higher multi and lower fsb before it would get unstable at 950.

ok now at a high fsb do you think it will allow it to go faster than 950 becuase of a higher fsb than before?
also does win 2000 get messed up on bad overclocks like 98 does?