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Jan 31, 2002
Ok I have been reading this section for a while and I have a question...what is a peliter....It is some thing that makes things hot and/or cold....how cold is cold and can you use it although you don't have watercooling

Mr. Tbird that I have is running at stock 800mhz and is 30C idle and 39C under load and maybe this "peliter" could help?

Here's a good link explaining what a pelt is.

You can aircool a smaller pelt, but...you need a kingsize heatsink/fan to shed all the heat. The peltier will be giving off not only the heat of the processor, but it also generates it's own heat roughly equal to having a second processor. Even the mighty Swifty with a 80watt pelt really won't give you much better temps than what you got now.

If your load and idle temps are that far apart, you may just need to look at your hsf. It sounds more like it's at the edge of what it can do with the heat your pouring into it. What do you have?
the heatsink that came with the chip but with a dual fan...I tried an orb but my temps FLEW and I ran and shut the thing off because it flew from 20C to a whopping 45C in about 10 secs....I don't like orbs anymore....

Orbs are crap. Why not try a good heatsink? Check the heatsink reviews on the main site. I would suggest the Thermalright AX-7. Get a delta fan if you want maximum cooling, a panaflo if you want good cooling without noise.
To use a peltier on a T-bird, you'd need to cool the hot side with watercooling. And you'd have to mod some things to avoid condensation. You'd also have to get a peltier with a high enough wattage, and that would draw a LOT of power from your power supply, possibly requiring that you get a better one or even a second one.

Since peltiers are complicated, I really suggest either one of the good heatsinks out there or watercooling. An overclocked 1GHz t-bird should do just fine with these options.