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pelt idea

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Aug 29, 2001
Mayne Island B.C. CANADA!!
Seems like too much work to me... I'de go vapor phase for something like that.

My next project will be similar to that... but involve pelts to cool the resevoir in place of a rad, and HSFs to cool them.

Wicked Klown

Hard *** Southern Boy Senior
Dec 20, 2000
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Most people don't get the results the hope for with that. If anything put another rad after the CPU so the water will cool down a little more.


Apr 24, 2001
Lawrence, KS
You need alot of Pelts for an operation like that. I think I saw somewhere like 3-500w before any results start to happen. If you have the money for such an operation it would be good, but a conderser or somthing to that effect is cheaper.


Hey! I showered! Senior
Jan 5, 2002
ok i know why they dont work!

its becasue of the surface area,

i did a little expiremt with my other peice of my modded heatercore, i stuck it in my window, and let it get to about -15c then i went and ran water thru it(around 30c) and the water that came out was FREEZIN COLD!!!!!!!! it was amasing!!!
so when i get a little more money im gonna buy a 80watt pelt and a 6x2in cold plate and put em on with a heatsink and fan on it

and stick it on my leftover heatercore and see what i get!


Jan 27, 2002
New Jersey
I'd swear this idea is a virus....it seems to be affecting a large percentage of the overclocking population.

1. Not enough surface area for good heat transfer

2. Coolant speeds too high for good heat transfer

Been tried a bunch of times with varying degrees of success. Only a degree or two difference. Trying doing reservoir cooler.

This guy tried, not the best setup but very expensive and complex.


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