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Pelt+PAL6035=17C @930MHz(1.80V)!! any comment??

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today my pelt was jsut arrived, and i tested it on my P3 750. i try from the lower fsb and increase it to 124mhz. and the temp was about 17-18C!! the ambient temp was 21C!! my pelt was 85W from tom leufkens. i power it by using 250W psu(i had no choice!! just for temporary). my pal 6035 was equip with delta 60 fan(damn loud!!!) :) !! i hvn't try any higher fsb yet, coz i make some terrible mistake!! i run 124FSB @1/3, so i get data corrupt after i reboot!! now on the way to format!! :( any comment about this?? is that acceptable?? or should i go for water cooling??
err....after reformating and try to post at 1Gig with 1.90V!! it does!! but not stable. rise the Vcore to 2.05V and run prime95 for few minute, the temp strat increase from 10C to 22-23C!! wow!! after few minute run on prime 95, it crash!! the temp was just 23C!! is that heat problem again???
hmm, you got your pelt on a seperate power source, you may not be getting its full performance and that could cause all the problems right there.
huh.....that what i'm think so....i got another 300W PSU on my hand now, should i try that either?? another thing is, if i go for water + pelt, what temp should expect from this combination??
Using a 72W pelt on a 700e @ 1050 (1.75V) and a PAL6035 with delta fan I used to get temps between minus 26C (idle) and plus 7C (full load) so you obviously have a problem somewhere.
First thing to try is a dedicated power supply, a 14V supply would be best but a dedicated 12V is better than nothing and should be enough to cool your PIII.
Just as important make sure your case ventilation is very good the pelt produces loads of heat and this just ends up re-curculating through the heatsink if you don't get the hot air out quickly. Best way is to put a duct from the HS straight out of the case, I had a 80mm fan in the duct for good measure.
I'm now on water cooling and I get temps minus 26 to minus 2 C.
Also try 133MHz FSB, this will bring your PCI clock back into spec with the 1/4 divider. The overclocked PCI @ 124MHz FSB could well be the problem.
what PSU you are using now?? sound interesting to me!! i just wonder that this 85W pelt wouldn't be just cool my chip to 7C at idea and load at 24C!! now i'm using 250W PSU alone just for the pelt!! :)
i also using the stock hsf compound which come with the peltier, i follow the instruction and apply at the hot side of the pelt and the cold side of the pelt. and put a lot on the chip. is that right?? coz this is my first time in pelt cooling!! show me the right way!! i had Artic silver II too!!