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peltier condensation...

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Jun 19, 2001
winnipeg, canada
how can i put together a peltier/waterblock cooling system without having to worry about condensation? do i use a lesser wattage pelt.. chilled cooling?

i dont want subzero temps... room temp is enough for me.

what waterblock should i use? i want on with the bolted on coldplate... dangerdens.... becooling's..... ? what is out there that is decent?
My first thought when I read your post was this,
If you want to cool to room temp and not have to worry about condensation just don't use a peltier. Use just water cooling. That will give you just above room temp if you have a good radiator.
My first setup consisted of a Danger Den waterblock, Danger Den cooing cube, and a small rio pump. I was getting cpu temps about five degrees over room temp. It was a great setup and never gave me any troubles.
Well. If you did decide to use a pelt then condensation is going to be a factor. There are a bunch of articles arround that show how to "water proof" your cpu. If you got to the main page here and look under peltiers there should be an article there called yet another means of preventing condensation. It's got pictures !!!

For a basic quick reference here's the general idea. What you want to do is isolate any parts that will be below room temprature form air. So inorder to do this you can use silicone and closed cell foam to encase the cpu. If you check out some articles on the net you can get more detailed instructions.
Here's a link to that article.....

If a pelt is so small it won't cause condensation it probably won't have enough capacity to cool your CPU at load.
Well, I was running a 50w tec on my PIII 800 for a while. This was at 12v's. It kept my cpu running around 22c @ full load. Which is right around or just under ambient temp. But as far as I'm conserned if your gonna use a tec with watercooling go big! If your gonna go thru the trouble of keeping a tec running in your system with watercooling then do it right! Waterproof the board and cpu (which has saved my butt). Install insulation around the core and a bit of area around it on both sides of the cpu. And make sure if it's a slot 1 cpu you silicone the screw holes after you get it all together. Otherwise condensation will occur. I've learned my lesson on that one!

The colder you can get the cpu running the more stable it will run at a higher fsb and a lower core voltage. Even if you go as high as you can overclocking it still may allow you to lower the voltage a bit more.
Plus it just makes things that much more interesting and fun!