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Peltier cooled T-Bird + watercooled GeForce 3

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Jul 19, 2001
As an obsessed gamer, I can't get enough frames. Since the available hardware didn't give me enuff performance I started thinking about "tweaking" it a bit when I read DrRom's article (the 172w T-Bird peltierizing thing...).

From various sources I bought what was possible here in poor old Austria ;)

An Eheim 1048 pump with reservoir for easy filling (from Innovatek)
A drop rinse radiator from Danger Den with 2 Papst 80mm fans (these babies BLOW)
A Senfu Dual Fan Radiator
A Danger Den Maze 2-2 Waterblock with 6mm copper cold plate
A copper spacer
A 123w (14 A, 15V max.) peltier from Conrad
A Senfu waterblock (for the GeForce)
Closed cell foam neopren from Danger Den for insulating the CPU assembly
Special peltier thermal gel (carrier less) for the CPU assembly
Arctic Silver II for the GeForce
and a 15 A, 13,8 V stabilized PSU for powering the peltier

Not sooo bad material. The aluminium/copper mixture worries me a bit, but I haven't seen any corrosion or battery effects yet ;)


That's a pic from the last lanparty (PC arrived like this). Instead of the car battery charger is now the stabilized DC supply, cooled by a 12cm fan and an 80mm fan ;] But the hoses and locations of the radiators are up to date.
I can't close the PC, but all items are in case (except the rear mounted 2nd radiator) and it's totally LAN transportable, I can even leave the water inside. Closing the PC just isn't possible since it's totally packed with PCI cards and the hoses also need their space...

One should expect crucial performance from this design, but I can't believe this is all I can get:

On an ambience of 25°C the CPU temp drops to 8-10°C idle, stable 30°C at full load. Water temp increases to almost 40°C (ambient temperature gets 30°C and higher around the PC due to the small space under my table), so I let it pass through the Senfu Dual Radiator before it comes to the GeForce 3. The water of the CPU circuit runs at *immense* speed, due to the extremely low flow restriction of the drop rinse radiator.
Because of the Senfu Dual Radiator (which has a high restriction) the water of the GPU circuit runs at far lower speed, which isn't a bad thing since it gives the radiator the chance to cool it down a lot. The result is the Senfu waterblock on the GPU only gets about 37°C (GeForce clocked at 240 MHz) at full CPU and GPU load.

Well, all working nice, no insulation problems. But I can't believe 30°C at full load, with a fully powered 123 Watts peltier and a water temp of only 38°C (AND a copper spacer on the CPU) is normal. What are your experiences? Do you think the contact of the CPU heat core to the cold plate might be imperfect? I can hardly believe that since I got the best thermal compound available and REAL high clamp pressure.

P.S.: My 1.2 GHz (100 MHz FSB) T-Bird runs at 1365 MHz. I can't overclock it more since 13 is the max. multiplicator of my A7V 133 mainboard and the CPU doesn't like FSB overclocking at all =( I gonna buy a 1.4 GHz FSB 133 CPU next week.

5410 3DMarks (2001) @ 1311,6 MHz
here's my rig for comparison. Untill the next big upgrade (a couple of months away) Im still running a crappy PIII-700, I got both the PIII and my Geforce 3 peltier cooled. For the rad I use a big auto heater core, keeps the water temps down to 35C. Got my Geforce 3 clocked at 270MHz cor and 530MHz memory. The PIII is stuck at 1050MHz because the Via chip-set motherboard gets all upset at FSB's above 150MHz.
The Pumps a Ehiem1250 and, water blocks are my design and the pelts are 120W for cpu and 72W for gpu the power supply is a 9-15V(adjustable) 25A unit.