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Peltier coolers?

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What do you guys think of peltier coolers? I would like to try one out but I've heard they cause condensation. Is there any way to prevent this? I've seen some units tested thet came with a heatsink/fan but could never find out where to purchase them, oh yeah they also had some sort of a gasket that was supposed to stop condensation. Ever seen this? one was called a swiftechmc370-4 but it's not on their website. thanks in advance for any info
amd 1333#@1485
3 40 gb ibm deskstar
640 mb ram
globalwin fop 38
The peltier you would need for your processor would be to strong to cool the hot side with a hsf, you would need to watercool it. And yes condensation can be prevented by insulting around anything that condensation could form on

Since you would need a watercooler anyway, I would say go with that first. You don't have to worry about condensation, and they kick the living sh*t out of any hsf

BTW- here's a link about pelts peltier-info