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Peltier Cooling help and ideas

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Jul 4, 2001
Toledo, OH
Is there a company that makes high quality peltier cooling kits for my PIII 1GHz? Right now I have a Thermoengine on it. I want to try and get the coldest possible without Kryo.......ya know? Water cooling with peltier is definitely an option.

Thank You

I would suggest either a 172watt or 120watt ,24volt Peltier running at 12volt. Alternatively a 156watt, 16volt Peltier at 5volt is a possibility.All these combinations should give a smaller heat out-put for the same or better cooling than a 85watt at 12vollt.
Will I need to worry about condensation with air cooling? Is there really any reason to water cool the peltier with my PIII 1Ghz? Finally, will the Thermoengine take care of the heat either water cooled peltier or air cooled peltier?


More Input..............:)
Condensation will be a problem at idle if the pelt can handle the full load temps of your CPU. I don't know about the ThermoEngine, I have never been a fan of it. The Alpha PEP66 seems to be the most popular HSF for pelts on PIIIs.
Running a higher watt pelt at a lower voltage does not give you the maximum Delta T but it does give you load handling capacity.
Bender (Jul 16, 2001 11:58 p.m.):
Isn't a 156 or 172 to much pelt for aircooling? I was thinking 85 watts or something like that for air.

I have run a Celeron@1000ish and2.2v(50w) on both a 85watt and a 172watt peltier with watercooling.Running at 12v was getting very similar performance (13-15C under load).However the choice of the 172watt animal does allow,running at a higher voltage,the use of a higher heat-output cpu.
The choice between 172w and 156w would,I think, be governed by the availability of PSU and whether an upgrade to a dual peltier and watercooling is envisaged -- currently there no waterblocks available which will accomodate the larger surface area of a dual 156w.