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Peltier on Socket A?

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Has anyone tried using a Peltier on a Socket A CPU? I was told by a vendor they don't work well.

[email protected] idle: 86F, full load: 109F
I want to get it cooler
Yes few of us have tried that. And your vendor is right in a way. The prb is that AMD chips produce a LOT of heat. If you are going to supercool the core of a 1G+ Tbird/Duron you need very large peltier(s). I say forget anyting less than 150W for a Duron and 200W for Tbird.

Running Air cooled peltier setup is out of the question with all this heat.

Since the Duron/Tbird core is very good overclocker without peltiers. It is hard to justify all the cost/work with peltier setup. And therefore vendors will not make a lot of money selling them.

However I have seen that the Duron/Tbird core really likes running cool. The person that finally manages to get the core of one running -20C under load will perhaps get figures worth fighting for. :)
Well guys, in ten day's I will be receiving a 85W peltier rig from Tom Leufkens, designed to work with AMD 1.2ghz+. If it really works or not, I will be telling you for shure! With pic's and all info about installing and testing this beast. Soon I will discover if it work's, and how far my Duron 750 will go!!!