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Peltier on Thunderbird help please ! ! !

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Jan 13, 2001
high, umm i have a 80 watt pelt, prolly rnning ta around 70 watts ro so. i wanna know do i HAVE TO use a copper spacer. i have one. but its makeing mounting this pelt with the spacer a pain in my a$$. i need help badly. Can I not use a copper plate with my setup? and can a limit the power that goes to my pelt, like how ppl limit tthe power to there fans with dials, i forget there name the varible resitors. i have alot of them. Will that work to limit the power going to my pelt? I really need help with this, i cant offord another thunderbird rite now if somthing happens to it. If any one can help me that would be great. Thanks alot..

First off what speed is your thunderbird? Alot of others using pelts have reported that the high end thunderbirds require HIGH wattage pelts, the lower ranking pelts in fact can be overwhelmed by high end thunderbirds. So to save your chip get a dedicated powersupply to insure you pelt is running at max efficency. Before doing that read some of the articles out on the front of this site concerning TEC's. Might save you the agony of a blown chip.
i have read alot. thats why i tunred to the forum to talk to people. its a 850 running at 997 with a decent sized no name brand heat sink witha 7k delta fan. (never put ur knulkes, fingers, ior any thing near it .. my knuckle toched of ra botu a second, it cut and ripped my skin off. not good. so stay away from it) any way its running at 997 witha fsp of 105*9.5. at 1.85 volts. its a 80 watt pelt that has its own power supply. can i use that with no copper plate?
There is new article on the main page regarding peltier 170W Tbird setup, I suggest you read everything you can find about pelts it the tips section on the main page.

You will need a coldplate, the surface of pelts is not designed to distribute the heat load. If you dont use one you will just end up with fried Tbird in few seconds DO NOT try this.

And btw your peltier is way to small for your Tbird, anything less than 150W is just another waste of time and effort. You need watercooling to remove the heat away from peltier of the size needed. ;)
i have to agree with eriksson. i have a water-cooled 118w pelt on my duron 660@1100 and it's only JUST big enough to make a difference. even so, i think it's too small.

seeing as you have the pelt already, why not make a watercooling rig, and use the pelt to cool the water.. that'd work much better than trying to use that pelt directly on the die.

oh, btw.. you do need a coldplate between a pelt and the core of a cpu, or the pelt is pretty much wasted...
so what your sayinjg is that its not even worth using my 80 watt pelt on my thunderbird hsf combo? damn this sucks. so i need to water cool 2 get my extra low temps? i want to water cool badly, but i dont have the room for it. so i thought maybe i can pull of maybe like 10 dgress of my current cpu temp, it idls at around 114-120 depending on the temp of my room (my room temp changes grealty threw out the day) my t-bird isnt stable at 1 ghz, it always locks up no matter wut i dowith th efsb or freq. it locks up eventually. i thought maybe the 80 watt pelt would be enough just to drop the temp a lil bit. but u guys r saying its not even worth doing that now. if i use a pelt. to cool the water, do i have to use a radator?
Well I hate to bring you bad news but this is just the way it is. Your pelt is not big enough, and one that is big enough pumps out so much heat you need big watercooling setup to keep it cool.

Still if your cpu is idling at 115-120f you got plenty of room for improvements without peltiers. Good air cooling should drop your temps down a lot. It sounds to me like a good Alpha would be your solution for getting the gig stable. Do you have any case fans? Thermal paste?? Lapping???

I think you should check your options carefully, and dont rule out watercooling. You dont have to put the radiator inside your case, actually it is much better to use external one. You can put it on the back of your case for example.
im running an open case rite now. when i get my arbor for my new hole saw. ill ahve about 7-10 80 mm fans. i also have 2 50 mm fans on my heat sink. now it runs about 6 degrres cooler. ur absulety posiative that my 80 watt pelt will not help my thunderbird at all ? not even a little bit? i dont want that money just to go to waste and set around for months and months until i can afoord water cooling. and for now i wanna stay with my heat sink till i go over to water cooling. please help me, any advice here will be good. i already found a design of sum water blocks ill be milling in my uncles factory soon. being that im 16 and have no job its kinda hard for me to get the money to go water cooling rite now.
Nope your temps will just go up, not down, with this unit. I think your temps are high if you are using two 50mm fans for your heatsink, either your hs is to small, or your thermal paste job is not good enough. Or just your ambient temp is high.
so my pelt isnt worth trying? cus i wanna hoke it up to get a feel of things you know wut i mean?
Lol, you dont like my opinions..hehe

Hey you dont need my approval, I just happen to be here, I am not your boss.
You got my opinion this is all I can tell you regarding this matter.

However it is safe to try this if you use coldplate and monitor your temps carefully, just make sure not to burn your fingers on the heatsink.

Your Tbird is pumping out ca 60W of heat, with peltier your heatsink has to get rid of the peltier heat+ cpu or close to 60+80=140W. This is a lot for small heatsink, it will get hot.

What psu are you going to use? You will need a good one if you dont want to fry your Tbird.
Good luck
it not that i dont like your opnions, it just kinda sucks a lil to hear that my pelt isnt rite for teh sitution that im in. it feels like I wasted my money, and thats not a good feeling. but any way i really apprecite you guys answer my questions, ill try my pelt out later 2 nite, and see if it melts my t-bird. im running a at power supply for the pelt, and the power supply is only running the pelt. i heard online that there has to be a 5v load on the 5v line, or i will not bbe putting out the maxium amprage. thats what i read online so im gonna try that out also. once i get my 2 psus in my comp later 2 day, there both gonan be atx, and the at on ewill go back in my closet. but any way this is great how u guys are takin tim to answer my questions, alot of people woundt care about wut i said. ill remember to watch my t-bird tmep carefully. its a bpretty tough chip, i once turned my comp on with no fan just a heat sink, and it loaded windows with no problem, and when it was loading all my icons thats when it froze. i mean if it loaded windows with out dieing then i mean it has to be able 2 take sum serius heat before any thing really bad could happen to it. and i chiped my t-bird in 3 places, from just taking my heat sink on and off alot. im always trying new things so my heat sink is always moveing. i hope my chipped core doesnt eventually in the long run dammage the cpu. what do you think bout this? later 2 day ill try th epelt out and let you know how it goes with the dual fan, and good sized heat sink. ill take a pic so you can see my setup. i have AIM and im on it all day my SN is kronic 666 if you have AIM feel free to AIM me ok?
You did waste your money. I tried a 80 watt peltier on a duron that was watercooled and had a temp of 42c idle. I hooked up the peltier on a dedicated power supply that was adjustable and I feed 15.5 volts to the peltier. My temps slowy started rising and after 5 min it was up to 49c, and that was at idle. Sell the peltier and save for water cooling. When I went from a pep66 to water cooling my temps went from 52c to 42 c . Watercooling is the first step then get you some larger peltier/ peltiers and try again. Unless you can't wait, hookup it and find out for yourself.
dont think i dont belive u guys, i do. i just wanna see how hot the pelt gets, and i just wanna find out sum information for my self. i know its a waste of money, and i know that its not even worth hooking up. i just wanna do it and say i at least tryed it instead, then it wont feel like a complete waste of money.
only thing is that you can actually kill a pelt if the hsf can't take the heat the pelt is throwing at it. the heat will start to flow back to the cold side of the pelt, and can burn it out.

if you were to use it to cool the water in a watercooled system, you'd still need a radiator, but i think the pelt would make a nice difference to the water temps.
thnx proze, and every one else that helped me out threw this.