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Peltier Power Supplies

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Jan 5, 2001
Ok I have done my homework. If your going to use a peltier cooler it should have its own dedicated power supply. Anyone know where I can get a decent power supply for a good price? One that can push say an 85w to 118w peltier? After all why blow 200 bucks for power supply and peltier when you can just spend it on a chip that will give you the boost your seeking?
Try Radio Shack - they have a 13.8 v 25amp supply for $99.

Your not spending $200 just to get your chip faster, you are investing in a cooling system that will enable you to cool and overclock any other cpu's you get at a later date. Spend the money now and you won't regret it later :)
True, considering all I have done to my toy I should think long term hehehe. Hmm theres a surplus Electronic shop local, they have every gizmo known to man. I am sure I can get a decent one there, if not perhaps Radio Hack. I wonder if I could get a mini fridge and just stick my system in it lol.
I bought a 12 [email protected] Volts for $30 on EBAY! SHIPPING WAS EVEN INCLUDED!!! It Kicks Major ***!
Its a Astron!

Goto the ham raido section of Ebay
I have a samlex 1223 13.8volt 23 amp (constant) switching power supply I got for $90 about a year ago and it's pretty impressive, maybe 1"*10"*10" and weighs 3 pounds with a standard iec power cord, it runs really cool with a 12 amp load, has a fan on a thermal sensor but mine's never got hot enough to kick on. This is much better than my BIG 25 amp Linear supply.
I think Ham Radio Outlet (1-800-559-7388) has them for $120 with no shipping charge (that's about the same price as a big, heavy, hot, linear supply)