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Peltier Question with 1.4ghz Athlon

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
Well i have a 156 watt peltier to go with my watercooling kit thats on my athlon running at 1.63ghz @ 1.92 volts. My cpu temps underload are 37c with no peltier and just the watercooling and some fans. What can i expect my temps to be with the pelt? My water temp is about 26c.. is that fine and can someone give me some tips to obtain the coldest temps with my water setup? Also my current case temp is 27c.
Your CPU is putting out 100 watts. A single 156 watt or 172 watt pelt is not enough to handle the heat. Download the pelt software here.
i must be dumb or something cuz i could not understand a single thing that program said. Maybe i should not be using a peltier then. I have never looked at somehting so hard and not understood anything.
Basically, your cooling setup can't disperse enough heat to actually cool your processor. A higher rated pelt would be needed
Well the highest pelt i have seen is 172 watt and collin is saying that nots good enough. What else is there? Is the only thing that people can use to cool a proccessor of this speed extremely well is vapochill or is there something else thats actualy reasonable used.
Dual 120s or dual 172s are your options. The rule of thumb is use a pelt rated at about twice the heat output of your CPU.
well i already have one 156 watt peltier. If i use 2 i will need 2 more power supplys that cost like $100 each not mention all the work that will be needed for 2 pelts. Is this realy the only way to go as the cost and time will be outrageous.