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Peltier Sandwiched between a golden orb safe?

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Dec 21, 2000
I am going to use a Golden orb to cool my Celeron 600 (pelt size is 80watt), and i want to know if it is going to be safe if i run the pelt between the cpu and golden orb. The golden orb is tight as it is, but with the pelt between, i am not sure. I will not be using a coldplate.
Nope, in stock form the Gorb will litteraly crush the CPU die to smitheriens. Perhaps you could take the Gorb to a machine shop an have them mill the thickness of the peltier and coldplate off the bottom of the Gorb. Or you could make some form of clip extensions. But frankly the Gorb is a POS not worth the effort.
That Gorb will not be able to handle a Peltier. You'll end up with higher temps than if you just used the Gorb. I'd look into a FOP, WBK, or and Alpha. Better yet, if you're gonna run a pelt, look into some kind of watercooling. Watercooling is the only way to keep a pelt cool enough to work well.
TT120 is exactly right. The GORB just sucks, it is not a great cooler at all, and it tends to crush cpu cores too. Get a globalwin, swifttech, or an alpha, especially if you are going to use a peltier. And yes, if you really want to use a nice large peltier, you are going to have to use watercooling.
compuwife (Apr 18, 2001 10:23 p.m.):
You know...that makes me sad to hear that the Gorb sucks...I just won one from overclockedcafe.com....
You can use it to keep your beer cool tho......