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peltier stacking

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For CPUs it's bad.

Cascading peltiers will get the temperature down, but the heat pumping capacity of the peltier stack will be greatly reduced.

If you want to use multiple pelts in a system the best way is still placing them in a side by side configuration.

most deaf (Jul 24, 2001 08:07 a.m.):
why? is it good or bad?
Stacking pelts increases the Delta T. If you have a 69C Delta T with one, a second pelt stacked would give you a theoretical Delta T of 138 C. The pelt furthest from the heat source needs to be twice the size of the other. Disposing of all the heat from a CPU and stacked pelts is a problem. A better solution would be to use a water chiller with a single or dual side by side pelts.

Side by side pelts do not increase the Delta T but they do increase the load handling ability of the system.
So, to summarise:

Stacked/series peltiers provide more 'sucking potential' - but at the weakest peltier's max. heat rate.

Side-by-side/parallel peltiers can suck a bigger max. of heat but at the same 'sucking potential'.

This is anologous to the behaviour of voltage and current in electrical circuits.