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Peltier Usage...

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
Just got done reading a bit about peltiers from Jo's review on the front page and he basically sold me if I was using a water block... But is lets say a 150w peltier gunna help with a hs/f? The hs/f will most likly be a SK-6 w/ delta fan. Also... would you use artic silver on the peltier if you had one under the hs/f?
It would probably help, but you have to be sure that your case is getting enough airflow through it to help with the heat that the pelt would put off. Also, you wouldnt put the pelt on the chip, you would have a cold plate (probably copper) between the pelt and the chip... with Arctic Silver 2 on the cold plate. So for you... it would be chip, AS2, coldplater, Pelt, Heatsink, than the fan.
I think that helps... anyone please correct me if this information is misleading.

A heatsink wouldn't cut it with such a highly rated peltier. Water-cooling would be the only real way to go. With a heatsink, you would end up increasing your temperatures since it can't cool 150+ watts of heat
From another post I know you are getting a AMD. Don't forget in addition the the pelts 150w heat load you also have maybe a 100w more from the cpu. No HSF on the market is designed to cope with 250+ watts of heat. Water is the only way to go.

On the other hand with a Pentium or Celeron a 80w pelt and a good hsf can work quite well.