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peltier water cooler

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Tbird man

Jun 19, 2001
Boone, NC a.k.a THE BOONIES
i was thinking. if you put a farely low wattage peltier or 2 with heatsink on the hot side on a water block with a maze construction that would probibly cool the water pretty well and eliminate the rad./fan
I don't think this would work any better than a traditional peltier setup. The pelt will only be able to move a certain amount of heat, and that won't change just because there's a water block under it. I don't even see what the difference between the effectiveness of a peltier and a waterblock and a peltier and a copper cold plate is, except that the waterblock would cause more heat resistance between the pelt and cpu. The point of water cooling is to have the water to cool the waterblock, and a radiator to cool the water block. I just don't see what the point of the water is in this idea.
i don't mean in place of a waterblock i mean in place of the raditator you run the water cooling system the same just no raditator and use this to cool the water off. ill draw it up and post it
Thanks for the pic, it's more clear to me now. You're thinking of two waterblocks, right? One on the cpu, and one with a peltier to cool off the water? I thought you were just going to have one waterblock. If you have an Intel, this might work, but I doubt it would with the high-watt AMD processors. I'm still not exactly sure how this would be better than a coldplate with a heatsink cooled peltier would be.
Actualy this is a great idea but its a bit misdirected. Trying to elminate the radiator is the bad part. Radiators a cheap and work well. If your trying to get water temps below ambient then you actualy need 3 water blocks and a nice radiator. The cpu water block the water block for the cold site of the pelts and a water block for the hot side. The hot side water block gets fed into a radiator with fan.

check this out http://data-detective.com/overclock/chillers.html
yes i was thinking of that and also anyone that is intrested in peltiers read my thread "thermoeletric cooling info" or something like that it has a link to a GREAT site with info about pelts.
the setup you have there will work you just need to get a nice HSF and remove all the water stuff. There is no reason to use the HSF to cool the water and have the water cool the cpu when its alot more efficient to just have the HSF with the pelt cool the cpu.
it sounds good in theory , however in reality it doesnt work very well , I believe joe posted a project like this at one time. I have tried several designs myself and never achieved decent results.
Here's the thing about water cooling. We really aren't getting rid of the heat with the water, at least not directly. Air is all we can use to get rid of the heat, because we have so much air, that we can pump the heat out into the room and it'll fly around somwhere else and cool off gradually. The reason why watercooling is so good is because a radiator is like a GIGANTIC heatsink. It allows us to boost the surface area of what we're cooling to a HUGE degree, and then cool it off with a massive heatsink-like object. If you just tried to use a standard heatsink, it wouldn't work. The reason why is that that heatsink would have to deal with the heat of the cpu AND the two peltiers. If it could do that, it would make more sense just to slap that heatsink/dual peltier combo directly on the cpu where it could be efficient.