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Dec 18, 2000
I'm using a 12v 80w peltier. It'll cool my c566(1054) as low as 12F (it'll post at 1105 but won't load windows). I'm using an Alpha FC-PAL sink (with bottom sanded flat to utilize entire peltier area) and a 37CFM Delta fan.

MY QUESTION: If I were to get a 24v peltier @ 172w and used that instead, would I see lower temps? IE: Will my heatsink setup be able to disperse more heat from the increased wattage?

See, I figure if the peltier is pumping more wattage, then the hot side is going to be hotter. However, the Delta T Max is basically the same as the 12v (about 70 degrees C). But with more wattage, will the cold side get colder? And will my sink be able to suck the heat from the hot side off as quickly - if the cold side gets colder, then the hot side won't be as hot as it is now, right?

I'm just trying to decide if I wanna try a 24v module. If so, I have to spend the money for the module obviously, but I also have to secure a 24v power supply that'll do 12amps... which will be a bit expensive.

Should I ?!?!?
Your Alpha will have very hard time getting rid of the heat from 170W pelt. I think this would just increse your cpu temp. Air cooling solutions are limited to ca70-80 watts. You will need good caliber watercooling for this setup.