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Peltiers Help With power

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
I have an 80w tec coming and I have been looking around and this thing wants 15 or so volts and 8 amps. I have a 13.8v @ 7a power supply. Will this thing power the peltier enough to get a decent result or do I need a better power supply?

The peltier will go either on my p/// or cele2 and will be water cooled.

Any help is appreciated.
It will get cold, but not at it's peak. Keep in mind that the supply will be running flat out and hot. I would personally prefer something that gave me a little headroom.

I engineer systems for a living that reside in unattended mountaintop locations, and may not see people very often. The minimum I would consider is 50% over rating, and typically shoot for 100%. Driving up the mountain due to failure is not a fun activity when customers are yelling!

Obviously your situation is not as critical, but keep in mind that if the supply fails, your cooling becomes VERY inefficient. Pelts don't transfer heat worth a damn without power.
I have a 80Watt TEC,and im using a Astron 12 amp regulated supply,,and it gets hot!!!I had to modify it with a fan(Cut hole in top,and put a fan on it) I was supprised at how hot it got! 7 amp might not be enough(I got mine on ebay for $30 shipping included)
A short note on the Astron 12v PSUs. You can adjust them internally to provide 15 volts. Definitely the way to go.
I'm thinkin' about the adjustable power supply from allelectronics.com. (pge 56 of the downloadable pdf cat.) It's rated at 0-15 v.d.c. at 30 amps. (25 continous)... Price is $165.00 and it weighs 19 lb., but It may be just the thing for the future cooling.
Thanks for the help, I have now ordered a 15v @ 10.8a power supply.
Hopefully that will be up to the task.

At least I bought my 13.8v @ 7a PS at FRY'S so I can just take it back because I have not used it yet.