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peltiers powered

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Jul 7, 2001
172watt peltier
Imax is 11.3 amps
Vmax is 24.6 volts..

a single output device that can stream 24VDC at 8.5amp
is good or bad ?

what is better then have the amps lower or the Volts lower, or both,
85% of max is a good indication,

If you supply the that pelt with 24V it will draw 11Amps, if your power supply aint rated for 11Amps either it will trip or burn out.
The only way to reduce the amps drawn is by reducing the supply voltage, it dont work the other way around.
While current or voltage overloading is a real concern here but I think you fellas are confused over Imax and Vmax. Imax and Vmax are the maximum current and voltage, respectively, that should not be exceed in order to maintain max COP (Coefficient of Performance, ie. efficiency). If either your voltage or current is too high, electrical heating WITHIN the peltier starts to add to the total amount of heat that must be thrown away. Go read a TEC manufacturer's FAQ.
I think someone mentioned that one power line from a PSU can sustain up to 20A of current but to be safe, dedicate one whole line to the peltier and maybe just few fans.