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Peltiers/Watercooling VS Ice/Condensation

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Apr 17, 2001
I'm just wondering about how big is the problem and if you can do anything about it ? And if I intend to run the system for some days I wouldn't like water at my mainboard/cpu heh. And those peltiers can't find any information about them, how do you control the degrease cause you can't run you computer at below 5ºC not so good anyway. And where will those ice and condensation spots accrue ? And is watercooling to prefer with peltiers or will fans do ? And has anyone got any big water leaks ? And what about this i heard put peltiers in the water tank with none freezing water to get better cooling, this must give some hell of condensation ? And....when you do this _extreme_ overclocking how will the hundred of components around the CPU on the mainboard do that ain't got a peltiers or watercooling ? They will get really hot to I could guess ? Some fancy fans yeah but I think they still would be damn hot or am I wrong ?

All these things I've said I've only have been reading or been talking to people so I have not tested anything my self so that I say don't take it for real facts. Thanx =)
You can prevent condensation with foam sealant (I've found DAP-tex to work the best... the kind that "won't overexpand"... get it from Home Depot or Lowes Home Improvement). You pretty much need watercooling to cool off the peltier as it creates a lot of heat itself (and yes, cpu's DO run very well at -5C and colder. As far as the things around the cpu, they don't get any hotter if all you're doing is overclocking the cpu. Even if you do raise the bus speed, the only things that will heat up much at all are the NorthBridge chip, the RAM (not much though), or the Clock Generator (maybe). For any other info there are plenty of links to articles on the left side of the front page.

You can run your CPU at down to -50C or so before you start running into the thing pulling itself apart. To control the temp of the TEC you just adjust the amount of juice its getting.

To prevent condensation you can do the foam sealant that mac told you about...and to protect against it you can put some dielectric grease in all your slots and such and then silicone seal the rest of your mobo (probably not terribly necessary).

To make sure that your water cooling system isn't going to leak, most will run it out of the case for a day or so.

Yes some of the other components on your mobo will, in fact, generate more heat due to OCing, which is part of the reason that good airflow is still important to a watercooled cpu. You could also chop up your current heatsink and epoxy it to the various heat producing areas.

For the water chiller, you would, in fact, have to worry a bit more about condensation (assuming you get the water to more than a couple degrees below ambient) and if you go below freezing you would have to add anitfreeze. I think that about covers your questions.
thanx for the answers !
foam sealant... what is that ? I saw some pictures on it but I really didn't get it. And how much condensation/ice are we talking about around the peltier and the watercooling system. I is it worth trying a peltier/water system ? I really want a secure solution cause I will have some really expensive things in my computer that I don't afford my self. I'm prepared to take some risks but I don't want to be stupid !