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New Member
Apr 16, 2001
hi could some one please explain to me what peltiers r and how they work please...? ive hear so much about them but i have no idea what they r and how they work :(
well, peltier, a french scientist noticed that when you run a current through two dissimilar metals you get a hot and cold side. That is what a peltier is, you have one side that gets really cold, and one that gets really really hot. You put the cold side on the cpu, the hot side preferably onto a water jacket, and you can get your cpu into the negative temps at idle. They can be dangerous howerver, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Peltiers use voltage to mage one side extremely cold and the other VERY hot. It is reccomended u get another psu to run the high wattages, 56 -172
I don't know much about these things, but i do know if one breakes down it's possible it will heat your cpu instead of cooling it.
they don't really break down, just if you can't cool the hot side, the heat starts going the other way, that is very very bad.
The thing about Peltiers is, they produce ALOT of heat and you need some good cooling to get rid of it. Water cooling is about the best for doing this. Some people get good results air cooling them but I suspect their HSF's are about at their limit of effectiveness.