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New Member
Jun 1, 2001
I'm a little new to overclocking. Can anyone explain to me what a Peltier is and exactly how it is used?
very short explanation.........

it's an electrical device that heats up on one side and gets very cold on the other. The cold side is used to cool the CPU/GPU or whatever where the hot side must be cooled by another form of cooling like a HSF or water block, and even on occasion a second peltier.

Kinda the extreme cooling, and if you're new to OC'ing as you said, I wouldn't worry about one yet........just watch those pro's use em.......it's like going to professional drag races! You Cool Boys!
I see. It works pretty much like an electric cooler I use to keep liquids cool in my truck at work. It will cool to 40 F below surrounding temps and if you turn the plug around it will heat to 40 F above surrounding temps. Now that I think about it, time to time I have to clean my cooler around the fan. The fan blows onto what essentially is a heatsink and under that is what looks like a ceramic block. I wonder if that is where a Peltier originated?