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pelts/water coolers

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Jan 9, 2001
I just got my 1gz tbird up and running. eventually i want to get it up to about 1.2gz . which is safer the peltier or a water cool setup. and what are some site where i can get some prices. all i've been seeing are the hs/fan online. oh yeah im running the abit kt7+raid board if that makes a differnce.
Peltier cooling involves big risks if you're not careful - the cpu gets to below ambient temperature (that's the whole point), so condensation will occur on the cpu, and the socket, and the back of the motherboard behind the socket, as it is so cold. This can be prevented by thoroughly waterproofing the socket and cpu, filling the socket holes with dielectric grease, insulating the motherboard behind the socket, and so on - it's tough and complicated. Watercooling is way safer, and I'd definitely recommend watercooling first. Check out the following sites:
I'm watercooled, it's definitely worth it and should help you get that 1200MHz you want.
Go to the Overclocker's Home Page. Check out the Cool Links. Play with them for a while. You'll find that there are many sites that offer all kinds of cooling options. Also on the Home Page: Tips and Techniques. Read some of the reviews and articles pertaining to your subject. A lot of them also contain links to suppliers.

Good luck and have good clean water-cooled fun
Just don't let anyone tell you that you can cool your TBird down with peltier less than 150w. You need Large peltiers for TBirds ;)