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Pent III 733 @ 825 oc'd questions

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New Member
Apr 21, 2001
Machine is currently very stable @ 825 (150 x 5.5, prime 95 running).... However, I think i could get more out of the CPU..... IF...
Here is the probs... When running higher than 150 FSB ...

@ 151, 152, 153 ... My NIC dies on me.. Are there any out there that you KNOW that will handle higher FSB speeds? Currently using a cheapo LinkSYS

@ 154, 155, 156+, My SCSI UW controller starts freaking out ... Drives only operate in bursts w/ long waits before reading/writing again... ABSOLUTELY kills performance.... Is a Tekram, Do Adaptec's handle higher FSB's better?

@ 157, 158, 160 + Machine will not even bring up the bios menu... I assume that this is a memory fault... If you are curious, it is el cheapo generic PC 100 running @ CAS3 ...

Should I just settle with the 825 or can I do better?

My system

Abit VP6 with twin 733's (core 1.75) have had it as high as 1.90 successfully

Global WIn FOP38 w/ arctic silver compound
3d Prophet 2MX w/ 32 sdram
el cheapo 100 mhz memory 128 meg total
micopolis 9 gig UW SCSI
seagate 4 gig " "
creative ensonique sound
linksys nic
tekram SCSI controller
win98 & 2K OS

Any help appreciated...
Some quality CAS2 PC-133 might let you run at CAS2 @ 150 Mhz FSB. You'll see a ~10% improvement in the Sandra Memory BM's. You're seeing two red flags above 150 Mhz, it's probable that a different NIC card won't help, and I doubt that an Adaptec PCI SCSI host adapter will fade out at a faster FSB than the Tekram does.

If you must have better performance, double your Ram. It's doubtful that you'll see a noticeable improvement until you wish to buy P3EB 933's. Even then, it may not be worth the extra money. FSB is everything with P3E's. Clock Speed is nearly meaningless.
will the adaptec SCSI card will survive under 150FSB?? coz i'm running @133 for 1 gig(max). and hope will get one scsi card!!