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Pentium 200MHz MMX counterfieits...

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Mar 28, 2003
I was surfing the vintage computer section on eBay tonight and I saw an auction that caught my eye. It was named "Intel Pentium 200 Processor MMX COUNTERFEIT" and had the following description:

A very rare, collectors item. This is an Intel Pentium 200 Mhz Processor with MMX Technology, Model SL2RY. It is one of the "counterfeit" CPUs that were being made over in Asia. During this era non-MMX chips were being bought at low prices in bulk, were then re-ground on the top surface, and screen-printed on the tops and bottoms to say "MMX". Intel never made an MMX Pentium in the ceramic form, only the "fiberglass" type.
Specs on this processor: Model-SL2RY Processor CPUID Information Type: 0 or 2 Family: 5 Model: 4 Stepping: 3 Mfg Stepping: xB1 Part Number Processor Part Number: A80503200 SL2RY Installation Information Operating Voltage: 2.7V-2.9V Bus Frequency (MHz): 66 Core Frequency (MHz): 200 Bus/Core Ratio: 3/1 Ratio Timing Specifications: Standard Package Information Pin Count: 296 ZIF Socket Type: Socket 7

And right after the word(s) "Socket 7" was "199623 199623" printed in white to blend in with the background. I have no idea what these numbers refer to.

Anyway, is it true about these CPUs? If it is, then my older brother's old 200MHz CPU that I now own is a fake. I sure am glad I put my plastic P200 MMX in my second desktop computer :).

Any comments, facts, or ideas about this are appreciated.



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Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
I've never actually heard of them remarking a classic P-1 and making it into a MMX P-1, but it's certainly possible. Usually, the chip counterfeiters were remarking lower speed CPUs into higher speed CPUs, like remarking a 120 into a 133 or a 160 into a 200.