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Pentium 3 XEON

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Henry Rollins II

Apr 21, 2001
The North Pole
Yo all,

Correct me if I´m wrong here; There are three types of P3 Xeons:

*Tanner core: 500/550 Mhz with 0.5, 1 or 2 Mb L2 cache
*?? core: 700/900 Mhz with 1 or 2 Mb L2 cache
These two types seem to be mainly for servers.

*Coppermine core: 600/667/733/800/866/933/1000 with 256 kB L2 cache
From what I have found out, this type of xeon is more or less exactly the same as the P3 coppermine.

The thing about the slot Xeon cpu´s is: You can get them really cheap at places like ebay. I´ve seen matched pairs of 933 Mhz for about $150. That´s about the same price as for a single P3 933 Mhz. A pair of 733 can go for less than $100.

Now I wonder: Is it possible to use a Xeon-cpu with a slot-1 P3 motherboard?

Motherboards for Xeon CPU´s with 133 Mhz FSB are rare items: there is to my knowledge only one(1) manufactured at this time, a Supermicro server board that doesn´t have a AGP slot. At once there were a few boards equipped with the intel 840 chipset, but they are all out of production. Anyone know a place for finding motherboards for slot2 cpus?