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Pentium 4 Motherboard

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Feb 20, 2002
Hey i'm helping my uncle with buidling a new system, i'm not as literate with p4's as i am with athlons, so i don't know all the great motherboards out there. My uncle is bent on going Intel, so i told him to go for the 1.6a P4, now i'm looking for board with good onboard sound(he wanted on board sound yes) and good overclocking performance, he's getting 512mb of OCZ PC3000 ddr with everything else
Some people just wont change their ways.... If I feel like wasteing cash I might build a Intel p4 system.. to go along with my Amd Duron 1.2Ghz.

Sorry to get a little off topic..
yeh welli would have argued with him but the p4 1.6a does bring actual value and safer overclocking, so i figured by letting him go one way he'd compromise on the other(overclocking)
from everything i've read, and watched(toms hardware) it has a thermal diode that prevents it from over heating by slowing it down and/or shutting off
But still, does anyone know a good P4 overclocking board? from what i've read the via ddr board makes for a better over clocker due to higher fsb limits, though that could just be specific bios, i've also seen higher performance trends for via p4266 chipsets