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Pep 66 & Iced Copper WARNING!

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Arctic Silver Senior
Dec 19, 2000
I purchased an Alpha Pep66 and some Iced Copper from Tom Leufkin a couple of weeks ago. The Pep66 fried my T-Bird. Apparently the clip was not tempered correctly as it lost its shape causing the heat sink to loose contact with the chip. Since this happened, I have tried bending the clip back to it’s original shape and mounting it on the dead Bird. It looses its shape with in a few hours. Yecch! Buyer beware!

The Iced Copper performed worse than plain old Radio Shack silicone grease. I believe one of the Sites down under has a review with even poorer results for this poopoo. Again, buyer beware! Go to Radio Shack or better yet, get some Artic Sliver.

On a positive note, I picked up a 1 gHz Bird and a FOP 32 at the show yesterday for less than the 800 mHz Bird cost me. It’s running at 1210 mHz with 1.825 volts & 43 degrees running Prime. The old Bird would only do 990 with 1.85 volts.

T'is such a pity to hear about someone killing a CPU, a moment's silence...

... I'll watchout for that with my Alpha, I'd hate to loose my C566. It's not the best OCer in the world, but it suits my needs at 850Mhz

A spot luck on the Gig tho. It's all Ying ! Out of the bad, comes the good!

I did notice when I was fitting my PEP, the clip got bent by the Aluminium shroud and it's lack of room for the clip to move on the moving clamp side, once the opposite end was clamped down. A modification with a pair of strong scissors sorted it out. I hacked the slot further up, so the clip could move freely, straightened out the clip, and re-fitted it.