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Pep66 and Pal 6035...help me choose!

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Feb 18, 2001
Why are there so many fan out there..make me confuse what to choose. Luckily I've been narrrow down to either the Pal 6035 or Pep66, what should I pick? I heard pep66 been know to have problem with some motherboard , i'm planning to get the kt7a-raid, will it fit? Help me choose...thanks.
I'd go with the PEP66. However to make it fit on many SocketA motherboards (including all Abit SocketA) you will need to rotate the shroud and have the fan blowing down on the heatsink. Or you can put a thinner fan on the side, Delta makes a 10mm thick fan that moves 21.5CFM.
Jeff: How far behind in performance does the Pal 6035 compare to the Pep66?...say in real celcius number.
The PEP-66 is originally designed to hang on a Slocket. The HSF can be used on S370 and Socket A mainboards. There's a catch. If the PEP-66 is left in its original configuration, it lays flat on a mainboard. Not too many mobo's have the real estate required to accommodate the PEP-66 with a 25mm tall(YSTech 27 cfm, or Delta 30 or 38 cfm) fan. I believe that the Abit KT7 can(barely) accomodate the PEP-66T. This kind of PEP-66 comes with a little ~20 cfm, 15? mm thick 60mm CPU fan.

To use all of the cooling capability of a PEP-66, with a 25mm tall CPU fan, it must be hacked for use on a mainboard. It's not difficult, as tin snips are the only tool needed. Then the PEP-66 will stand vertically on the Socket 370 or SA mobo.

I don't remember the exact difference in performance between the PAL-6035 and the PEP-66. I think it's safe to posit that a PEP-66T(with the wussy little ~20 cfm fan) works no better than a PAL-6035 with a real fan on it. If that indeed is the case, and you don't wish to modify a PEP-66 so that it stands vertically on your mainboard, the PAL-6035 is the better choice.
Just installed a new Asus A7V133A M/B 1GHz T-Bird with a PEP 66 cooler. I had a P-7125 on my Slot A setup so I went with the PEP 66 using a Y/S 26 cfm fan from www.millisec.com. I added a slim Delta 21 cfm fan on the bottom side as a pusher. I have 80cfm air flow in & out of the case & an a Enermax 430w dual fan P/S. The temp was 42*C tonight when I came home after running for 24 hours with a case temp of 81*F. The only thing that I don't like about the cooler is that it is within an inch of the bottom of my P/S. If my P/S didn't have that fan on it the discharge air would bottleneck below the P/S. 2cooltek.com shows how to modify the PEP 66 & place it on the Abit M/B. I still might do that trick.

Crazypc.com sells the Switech heatsink buy itself. You then can choose the fan you want to mount. I hate H/S 60mm fans.

TomsHardeware has a great article on different heatsinks.

I have a Alpha 6035 with ABIT KT7raid and Tbird 1000mhz and it works great ! . No problems in mounting and keeps it cool . With a Sanyo low noise fan its 30C idle and 35-38C full load.