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Pep66 on an Asus A7V133 +question about Pep66

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Dec 19, 2000
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I have an Asus A7V right now but I am upgrading to an A7V133, will my Pep66 fit without modifications. The chipset fan on the A7V133 looks like it may get in the way of the fan.

How does the Pep66 with a 7k fan compare to a SK-6 with the same fan? How does it compare to other more modern coolers. I haven't seen many reviews lately that include the Pep66 so I am curious. I still think it is a wonderful cooler but when these processors keep getting faster I don't know how it will stack up.
Even if the PEP-66 won't fit on the A7V133 in its original configuration(for a Slocketed S370 CPU) it's not hard to reassemble the PEP-66 so that it becomes a "standard" vertical HS. A little duct tape comes in handy so that you can(almost) duplicate the shroud's orginal "geometry."

However, there is a "gotcha." The original spring clip for PEP-66's and PAL-6035's is too weak to do a proper job on Socket A processors. It's no biggie to work around this stumbling block, 2cooltek sells the new clips for $5.

Nevertheless, the PEP-66 was not designed for Socket A CPU's. The hottest P3EB is a walk in the park compared to a Duron 900--at "stock."

If you want max cooling with a minimum of fuss---for half of the price of a MC-462, I think the Thermalright SK6 is da boss. When Fall gets here, perhaps a Millennium Glaciator will be easier on the ears.

If you want very good cooling for cheap, albeit with the Delta from Hell-a, I think the Vantec FCE-62540D is unbeatable, plus it sports an EASY SK7 clip!
As the Thermalright SK6 is a new HS, I haven't seen it in a shootout with a PEP-66. I'll guesstimate that the PEP-66 with a Delta is 85% as effective as an SK6 with a Delta.