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Pep66 with Delta it's not enought! what u suggest me?

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The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
Hi guys,
My prob is about temps @full load with Folding@home that works all day, ambient temp is around 27C with Cpu@47C & NorthBridge@33C.

I've tried modding my Pep with 2 fan: on top Delta that blow out from heat sink and a Sanyo-Denki on a side that blow in, but doesn't work fine coz it's too heavy and not fit properly on the Cpu without Pad's that I haven't.

I've 3 fan that "cool" directly Mobo (2x92 & 1x80mm) and 2 (1x80 & 1x120mm) that blow out the hot air.

Can you help me?
Mine came without pads too. I cut some small squares of insulating tape and built little supports on two opposite corners, then re-mounted the PEP66 checking for daylight between cpu and heatsink. The first time, I had too much tape so I removed a layer and tried again.

Your Celeron is way too hot. I have a P3-750E at 1GHZ and it is at 35C. A PEP66 should keep a Celeron900 much lower than mine since it is approximately 25watts compared to around 40 for my P3.

Use the tape to square up the heatsink. It cannot be mounted correctly.
what kind of system do you have? You have 2 listed in your sig. Where are the fans placed? that could be part of the problem... if you have conflicting airflow.
Hi guys, first of all thanks for your support,
I'm speaking about my Celeron 2 600 cb0 @900 1.8v (wired for 1.75 and lapped)
My case have 5 Sunon's fans:
2x92mm are down on the left panel and 1x80mm always down in front of the case, all sucks fresh air to the Pci cards and Mobo; 1x80mm up back and 1x120mm up on the upper cover case and all blow out hot air
(be patient for my english).

How many layer of isulating tape have u used? I've tried with 5-6 layer for each corner, but it's not enought.

P.S. Here ambient temp is around 27-28 degree C.
For MikeTimbers:

Please but u have got 35C with your P/// 750E @full load or @idle?
I've @idle 37C and @full load 47C.
i have to agree about the chip not sitting flush with the heatsink. but it might also be because of summer. my temps went up about 5 degrees. i just ordered a delta for my alpha pal 6035 so hopefully temps will fall back down.

otherwise just do what i did. take off your case cover and get a room fan and put it on high blowing into your case. my temps droped about 5-10 degrees C.

I have a celly 566 cbo @850 and my temps are high right now too.
37-40 degrees C with the case closed and f@h running.
its about 32 degrees C with the case open under full load with the roomfan
system temps are a bit higher

my case temps are high because i have alot of stuff in it. two hard drives that run really warm and 4 sticks of ram.

in winter temps are about 10 degrees cooler
Thank you Ebola,
Now I'm sure that my Pep doesn't fit properly on my C2, my temps are too high compared with Pal6035.
To be SURE :) I've tried pressing a little on Pep and temp go down, now I've also installed a second fan on Pep that blow out the hot air but with little results, only 2degree down!
Your room temp is kind of high at 27C at that temp I would be using some AC, prob more for me then the computer though. Even the best HSF can not keep a cpu cool if it only has hot air to work with. From your descpiption it sounds like you have enough airflow through the case so I suspect that the HSF may not be seated quite flush. You can try to make your own feet or get one of the non conductive shims that are available now. Neoprene insulation around the core can also help to stabalize the HSF. I ran a C566 at 1020 for over 6 months with an Alpha pal6035 with stock fan and I never had high temps. Another thing is that sometimes with a lot of case fans they can work against eachother fighting for air. It is entirely possible that even with as many fans as you have that the airflow pattern in the case is dissrupted and not cooling as well as it should.
You say right man :)
I absolutly need AC, consider that during next month we'll reach 35C! and it's too much for me and my system.
About feet well I wanna try before with insulating tape, it's faster and cheaper, but neoprene shims is a good idea too.

Thank's for your support.
Are you sure you're not disrupting the airflow through the PEP66 like that?! The fan on the side is blowing in less CFM of air then the Delta on top is sucking out!!! The PEP66 doesn't come with that shroud for nothing! It's designed to force airflow through the entire heatsink, and you're pumping it out halfway. Did your temps drop at all after adding the second fan?!
Thanks Lancelot for your support,
my Pep configuration isn't like in the picture, now have a Delta 38 that sucks on one side, and to the other side a Sanyo-Denki that blow out hot air, but the results are the same :-(
In the next day i wanna try with San-Den that sucks and Delta blowing, but I don't understand why my Pep is so hot, I've tried with light lap, cleaned all possible factory oil, applied a thin layer of AS II and made 4 small pads of insulating tape coz havn't original pads, but it's always the same: 37@ idle and 47@full load with an ambient temp of 27 degree C.
Also conseder that I've a great case cooling, only 1 degree C over ambient temp.

S...T! I'm becoming crazy :->

P.S. Many compliments for your case, great work :)